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Technical characteristics:

Solar panel system:
  • electric power: 750W at 1000W/m2
  • number of panels: 10
  • links box
  • fuses box
  • battery charger
2.5kW wind turbine:
  • hub height: 9m
  • rotor diameter: 3m
  • number of blades: 3
  • nominal power: 2.5kW
  • rated wind speed: 11m/s
  • wind orientation: leeway type

The blades are made of composite materials. The type of technology used is of a "sandwich" nature, having several layers of fiber glass impregnated with epoxy resin. Curing is done in vacuum in heated ovens. The blade length is between 1.2m for 1kW and 2.8m for 5kW wind turbines.

The mast is made of galvanized steel pipe sections, 3m long each for easy manipulation and for having the possibility of transport with long veichles. The sections are bolted via flanges, making a rigid fixture and good alignment of te mast sections. The mast could have multiple sections, due to its modular nature.

The base structure is a patented solution which does not request a concrete base. Three persons with minimum tool kit can erect the wind turbine.

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