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The general objective is the development of an assembly line for the manufacturing of low power wind turbines and the ability to provide design and development services for wind power conversion systems and other renewable energy conversion systems.

Immediate objectives:

  • Development of a production technology for 3kW turbines with power network connection or for autonomous power supply systems; based on this technology a series of low power wind turbines will be manufactured;

  • Development of a design, research and development facility in the field of wind power conversion systems for low power wind turbine parts on-demand production and installation.

The assembly line will provide support for producing wind turbines up to 10kW, in different constructive variations. The first product offered for mass production will be the 3kW wind turbine, who has the largest current demand and the best price performance ratio.

Wind energy conversion technology implies expertise in different fields: electrical engineering, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering, electronics, composite materials technology.
The technical staff at SC AEOLUS ENERGY INTERNATIONAL SRL consists of engineers with vast research and development experience in the fiel of electrical and chemical engineering:

  • one Rank I Scientific Researcher (the highest degree, equivalent to an university professor) with over 25 years of research in the field of electrical engineering and a PhD in the field of renewable energy;

  • two Rank III Scientific Researchers with over 5 years of research in electrical engineering and a master's degree in the fiel of renewable energy;

  • one Chemical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the field of military equipment production, oil industry and composite material technology, mainly fiberglass armed resin, carbon fiber and kevlar.

When the project reaches its maturity, the strategy is to develop new wind turbines based on an owned patent act and own or shared (with universities) research, the improvement and development of the fabrication technology and an extension of design and technical advising services in the field of wind power systems, and renewable energy conversion in general.

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